Creative Solution Consulting is unique because of who we are. In this day and age there is no one easy answer or technological widget that will make your business instantly grow.  Creative Solution Consulting works because we listen to your concerns, study your business practices and then help you implement practical yet innovative, sales and marketing solutions.  We don’t throw away what has worked for you in the past; we implement it as part of a better plan for your future.

Whether you are a “Solepreuner” just starting out, a non-profit or a business that has been around for years – Creative Solution has the knowledge and experience you need to take your sales and marketing strategy to the next level.  With over fourteen years successful experience including: direct sales, business to business sales, team building, sales training, print and online advertising,  as well as creating copy content for brochures, blogs and websites.

Additionally, we have experience navigating social media and when you combine that with our real world  experience you will find that our knowledge encompasses your entire marketing plan – not just one component. We don’t put all of your eggs into one digital basket. We provide solutions that help you gain measurable results based on what you need prioritized in your business right now – whether it is print, in person or on the internet.

Finally, Creative Solution Consulting helps you to find direction and a cohesive message that you can confidently present to your clients and peers.  We inject energy and a new perspective into your sales and marketing goals.  And we help you to market your enterprise with integrity which helps to gain the best results – long term success.


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